About me

I am a fully qualified scientist with a PhD in biology and have several years experience proofreading, reviewing and editing scientific manuscripts for customers around the world.

As an experienced scientist I have been trained in scientific writing and have published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. I have also written scientific articles for a general audience which were published in the Biologist Magazine.

My experience of the scientific peer-review and publication process means I am uniquely placed among proofreaders to help you get your manuscript ready for publication. Manuscripts I have proofread and edited have been successfully published in many different journals and my customers often return to me again and again.

I first began my scientific training at the University of Derby in 2009 where I graduated with a first class degree in biology. Following this I completed a masters degree in Biology at Durham University where I completed a thesis on the biology of grey seals. In 2013 I embarked on a PhD at Aberystwyth University where I studied the bioacoustics of songbirds. This led to a scholarship at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology where I completed my PhD and stayed for a further two years as a postdoctoral scientist.

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